#TBT – Finley’s Surgeries And A Video

May 26th, 2016 TBT

Alright, we got a bunch of short posts from Amy here, which are particularly relevant today since we’re meeting with the Neurosurgery later on (just a consultation, not a surgery). Two Weeks Old At fourteen days old, on March 16th, Finley had brain surgery to have a small draining device put in. He was looking really good before surgery, and opened his eyes to look at…

#TBT – Finley, One Day Old

May 19th, 2016 TBT

Here’s a continuation of the posts Amy made back when Finley was in the NICU. Mostly pictures this time. As a side note, extracting these posts from a plain text file has gotten harder. Does anyone know an easy way to dig through a MySQL file without having to set up a server and install MySQL?              

#TBT – Finley’s Birthday, According to Dad

May 5th, 2016 TBT

Here’s the next post in my attempt to recreate Finley’s birth blog. This was originally written on 3-2-2010, because, as I recall, Amy was about as insistent as a cold calling extended warranty salesman that we write it down before it drifted away into the gray haze of Long Term Storage. Quick Take: It’s painful not to edit my old work (though I am guilty of…

#TBT – Finley’s Birthday, According to Mom

Apr 28th, 2016 TBT

Hello to the three people who’ll read this, it’s time for some Throwback Thursday fun! While digging through my files, I found the data dump for the website where Amy and I (though really, mostly Amy) wrote about Finley’s first few months. The information is totally unusable as is (doesn’t help that the backup software I used no longer exists), so I figured it’d be…