Alright, we got a bunch of short posts from Amy here, which are particularly relevant today since we’re meeting with the Neurosurgery┬álater on (just a consultation, not a surgery).

Two Weeks Old

At fourteen days old, on March 16th, Finley had brain surgery to have a small draining device put in. He was looking really good before surgery, and opened his eyes to look at us! The surgery got put off several times and didn’t end up happening until very late in the afternoon, but it went really well.

Fifteen Days Old

Apparently, during Finley’s brain surgery on the 16th, his PDA opened back up. They said that can happen with the trauma of something like a surgery. They called Tim and told him they’d be doing it right away, so he didn’t get to see Finley until afterward, but the surgery went really well!

Sixteen Days Old

On March 18, Finley was VERY wiggly. He gets stronger and stronger every day! Once he calmed down he was very alert and looked around a whole bunch. The nurse also gave us a teeny preemie pacifier for him to suck on. It was so tiny, but we could barely put the tip in his mouth! He seemed to really enjoy sucking on it.

The wound from his heart surgery is all red and looks painful, and his head lump where they put the drain looks uncomfortable, too, but he’s doing well.

Seventeen Days Old

On March 19, Finley’s doctor told us that Fin was in the 99th percentile for surgical recoveries. He just did amazing afterward! Most babies are sick and have a rough time for a few days after surgery, but Finley returned quickly to baseline and started progressing again!

When I changed his diaper that day, I noticed that his cord stump had fallen off and he had a cute little belly button!