That Dragon, Cancer – A Touching Memorial

Jan 25th, 2016 Games, Kid Stuff, Memoir

Ever since I contributed to the Kickstarter campaign for That Dragon, Cancer, I’ve been excited to play it. Yet on the game’s big release on January 12th, I couldn’t bring myself to turn it on. Heck, I couldn’t even bring myself to install it. Like a politician sensing the breaking of an impending scandal, I delayed the inevitable. Yes, inevitable. I knew I had to…

When Alarms Don’t Sound – Introduction

Feb 27th, 2015 Memoir

A few weeks back I posted an excerpt on the book I’m working on about Oliver’s birth. After trudging through this thing for about two years now, I finally finished my first draft. In celebration, I’m posting the intro here. It’s still a work in progress, so I’d love feedback. Close your eyes. Wait, don’t do that. You have to read what’s next. Unless someone’s…

Five Years Today – Remembering Oliver

Feb 10th, 2015 Memoir

Background A while back, I realized that neither Amy nor I really had recorded the huge crazy process we went through with our first boys, from infertility to hospital visits to NICUs and loss. I tried to write it down, but ended up stalling only a little ways in. I’m on my second attempt now, and have made it farther. I’ve just finished writing about…

Focusing on the Wrong Birth – Thoughts on Yet Another Christmas

Dec 22nd, 2014 Church, Memoir

Today is December 22, only three days away from Christmas. I’m looking forward to seeing my kids’ faces light up on Christmas Day (for perhaps the first time). Yet the rest of the emotions swirling through me would cast me as the grumpy dad in a Saturday Morning Christmas Special who just can’t get into the spirit of Christmas (sponsored by Dodge Ram).