In November, I’m most likely getting published.

Exciting news, right? That’s the dream of every writer, finally seeing his or her work in. . .well, it’s still going to be digital, so not print, but it will have gone through an honest to goodness publishing house.

Now before anyone lines up to ask how they can pre-order my soon to be famous work, I’ve got to splash just a bit of cold water on the situation. Yes, I’m being published, but it’s going to be in a tax journal. A very specific AICPA tax journal written for only the most insider of the insider CPAs. For those accountants out there, it’s some spin off or subpart of The Tax Advisor that I hadn’t even heard of before I was invited to contribute as part of our firm’s marketing efforts. In other words, it’ll probably get about as many hits as my least read article on my personal tax blog.

Not only will it likely go mostly unread, it’s for a professional audience, so I had to temper my naturally sarcastic and occasionally pop-referencing writing style to something about as dry as The American Temperance Society taking a pilgrimage through Death Valley.

Somehow I still had a bit of fun with it. It was covering a surprisingly interesting court case about independent contractors. If you’re the kind of person that finds court cases about the distinction between independent contractors and employees interesting, have I got a (digital) magazine subscription for you. Somewhere. I can’t actually manage to find a link to anything past the main Tax Advisor stuff.

Still, it’ll be nice to claim that I was published. Assuming they don’t throw out my article before November comes. If I manage to slip on it, I’ll make sure to post a link to it. Assuming I can find it.

On a somewhat related topic, I haven’t really been posting here recently. There’s been several reasons for that, at least a couple of them were discussed in another post. I’m more or less back at it, so I should have more regular posts for the next little while. For those five people reading the blog.

I do have a couple other projects brewing, too. Here’s a quick summary if anyone is curious.

Primary Activity: Editing “Red Cliff”

I finally finished my third edit for my YA novel about a girl named Sadhbh (pronounced Sive), who is, by far, the best character I’ve written. I’ve found that the book itself is surprisingly decent, too. Maybe not amazing, but I’m almost to the point that I think it might qualify as “good.” There’s a few more things to clean up, but I think it’s really coming together.


 Other Works: Laplace’s Demon

I wrote a book for NaNoWriMo a couple years ago that had some good elements, but was missing a catchy name. While I was reading a book about the history of socialism (of all things) I finally came up with the perfect title for the coveted MacGuffin of the story. I’ve wanted to go back and do some editing to see if it works, but I simply haven’t had time.

The Brewing Stage: A Book on Autism, and NaNoWriMo project #4

I came up with this idea for a children’s book with a main character with characteristics similar to Finley told through a fantasy lens. So far, I have a few outlined items an a first chapter. I really want to write this one, but just haven’t yet.

It’ll also soon be another season of NaNoWriMo. I think this will be book #6, and NaNo project #4. That’s a lot of 50k+ writing. I have a general idea kicking around on this (an alternate history of the US where the early settlers discovered a vast power that made the unstoppable, but only while they were US soil). Still broad strokes, though.

Anyway, I’m sure very few people are interested in any of this stuff. It’s just one of those things that I needed to write down to hold me in some sort of accountability, i.e. if it’s written instead of just tumbling around my head, then it must be true.

As for this blog and my semi-abandoned tax blog, I need to work on those, too. Maybe I’ll pump up that tax blog again once my tax article gets published in that obscure tax journal. Because, of course, then I’ll become a tax superstar.