Like all good modern parents, I hand over a significant amount of my parenting to my great uncle’s popular invention, the digital babysitter. And like all good modern parents, one of the babysitters I trust most is Walt Disney.

I mean his company’s movies and shows, in case you were confused by that last sentence. Not the cryogenically frozen part of him. That’d be gross.

Every now and then, my wife and I will watch one kids show or another and wonder if this is really the lessons that we want our kids to pick up on. Generally, I shrug my shoulders, figuring the indoctrination’s worth a few minutes of sanity. But back at the beginning of the year I wrote about my concerns with Peter Pan, and this last week, I thought, “hey, I should look a little more into these brightly colored balls of propaganda.”

A clear advocation of communism. I mean, look at the red hat!

So from now until I get bored with it, I’m going to look at the lessons taught by Mr. Disney (and others) right here. I’ll break it out into what I think they teach my kids, and what my kids claim to get out of it. Links will be updated below as new posts become available. For now, I’m listing the titles I have outlined as a bit of a teaser, but more will be added soon.

Disney Movies

Big Hero 6
The Jungle Book

Non-Disney Movies

The Book of Life
Mr. Peabody and Sherman
Walking with Dinosaurs