I guess this means I’ve come in a full circle.

When I first started writing four years ago, it was to help me get through a rough spot. I really wouldn’t have turned to writing without the inspiration of my wonderful wife, who convinced me that writing was something people did outside of mandatory classroom assignments and one off misspelled Facebook updates. From there, I realized it was something that I actually liked doing.

After about a year of writing and editing that first project, I decided to start blogging. They were personal thoughts and recollections, most of which I’ve since tucked away into the recesses of the internet. Somewhere along the line, I realized that since I’m a tax accountant, I could actually write about taxes. That blog is still going at creativelyaccounting.com, and I don’t plan to pull it down any time soon (especially with the hefty 5 cents a day it’s currently bringing in).

Ah, but what about the odd personal thoughts that I want to write about? While I’ve posted them from time to time, they just don’t fit in. Yes, Disneyland is great, but it just doesn’t mix with capital gains and depreciation.

Add to that Elder Bednar’s talk encouraging LDS members to share their faith. Not one to try to rock the boat too much online, I’ve tried to keep my controversial topics within the tax realm. However, I’ve felt for a while like I should talk about religion a bit more, at least to the point of posting my Sunday School lessons online. Yesterday I listened to a podcast over at FairMormon that really pushed me over the edge to create this new blog.

Which brings me here. Even this first post I’ve sat on for over a day, worried that it’ll push me onto a tightrope over the kinds of controversy I don’t really want to fall into. But then again, getting yelled at by anonymous internet users is like chicken soup for the soul, right?

Month old chicken soup that has fermented in a humid wasteland.

Anyway, I didn’t want to shell out extra money for a domain, so I chose Blogger for the platform (I couldn’t get any web address combination I liked over at WordPress).

So far, I’m super annoyed with Blogger, at least compared to what I’m used to. But it’s free, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

I’ll be sure to riddle posts with tons of unrelated royalty-free stock images, too

Will this blog last? No idea. I have a few ideas here and there that might make the whole project worthwhile. And I’ve ported over a few of the posts that didn’t fit in on my tax website, several of which have already gotten more hits here than they’ve gotten in the past month on my tax blog.

If it doesn’t end up working out, well, at least it was free.

Now if only I could figure out how to actually enjoy using Twitter, I think I’d be all set.