4 Years Trapped In My Mind Palace – A YA Self Pub Review

I read. Quite a bit. But after a fairly amusing tiff between Larry Correia (voted most likely to be assassinated by the Hugo Award committee) and one of those random bloggers on Huffington Post, I realized that I’ve seriously overlooked Self Published book. This isn’t due to any intentional shunning on my part, just that few Self Pub books pop up on my Scribd subscription. I’ve…

Which Ebook Self Publishing Experience is the best?

Jan 13th, 2015 Creating a Platform

I took a leap yesterday and finally uploaded my tax ebook to a real, bona fide online store. The Kindle edition can be found here for all of $0.99. I never buy anything on the Kindle, though, so I decided it’d be an experience to try to upload the book to all the major ebook stores. I mean, like, an interesting experience. Everything is an experience….