4 Years Trapped In My Mind Palace – A YA Self Pub Review

I read. Quite a bit. But after a fairly amusing tiff between Larry Correia (voted most likely to be assassinated by the Hugo Award committee) and one of those random bloggers on Huffington Post, I realized that I’ve seriously overlooked Self Published book. This isn’t due to any intentional shunning on my part, just that few Self Pub books pop up on my Scribd subscription. I’ve…

Beautifully Horrific Creatures

Aug 4th, 2014 Books, Movies, and Games

(Note: this was originally on my tax blog CreativelyAccounting.com, but I moved it over here, since it is not tax related) Last week, while I was trying to shift over to Goodreads (Amy linked my Amazon account with her Shelfari account a couple years ago, which recently resulted in my Shelfari account disappearing), I wrote a review of the recently read Beautiful Creatures as a cathartic release….