We’re moving onto the New Testament for this year’s Sunday School class. One of last year’s themes was that the Old Testament has many great lessons, histories, and stories, but clearly there are parts that haven’t been transmitted correctly. It doesn’t mean we should throw it all out, it just means we should be caution in our approach.

The New Testament is a different story. The book is a first hand account, with multiple copies going all the way back to the 100s AD.

There’s a great series of podcasts explaining the Authenticity of the Bible, which I referenced in my lesson. Rather than sum them up, here’s a link to each of them.

Part 1: Overview

Part 2: Extra-Biblical Evidence

Part 3: Manuscript Evidence

Part 4: Archaeology

Part 5: Historical Method

Part 6: Eyewitness Testimony

Part 7: Evidence of the Resurrection

Part 8: Undesigned Coincidences

Part 9: Prophetic Evidence